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2021-2022 Current Student Information

Thank you for registering with Movement on Main!

What to expect next:

  • Your first month's tuition and registration fee will be charged upon registration. After that, your monthly tuition will be charged each month on the 20th. Each auto pay, pays for the following month. For instance September 20th auto pays covers October Classes. The May 20th auto-pay completes your 2021-2022 Season Payments.  

  • A detailed confirmation email will be sent to your email with your class details.

  • Please see us at the front desk 15 minutes prior to your first class to purchase your studio uniform.

  • During your studio uniform fitting we will answer any questions you may have, give you a studio tour, and make sure you are all set for your first class!

  • If you have any questions message, Michele, our enrollment coordinator at or call/text 740-297-9026

Dresscode and Hair:

Each class requires a specifically branded uniform for dance wear and shoes. These styles are carefully selected to enhance the students performance in class and the teachers ability to correct technique when needed. Studio uniforms can be purchased at the front desk 15 minutes prior to your first class!

Hair is required to be in a ballet bun to help the student remain focused. We ask that our younger students come to class with their best attempt at a classical ballet bun and that our older students, with practice, have a proper ballet bun.


Auto-Pay: Families will supply a card to keep on file at the time of registration. This card will automatically be charged on the 20th of each month for your convenience to prevent late fee charges. If you do not wish for the card to be charged, tuition can be paid in advance before the required due date by cash or check at the front desk.

Checks: If paying in advance with a check: make checks payable to Movement on Main Center for Dance and include  the students name in the memo line. 

Cash: If paying in advance with cash at the front desk be sure to receive a receipt.  

Late Fees: Tuition paid past the due date will be charged a $10.00 late fee.


*Company Level Dances have all inclusive tuition that covers weekly classes, costumes, and special events.

Access to Your Parent Portal


View our 2021-2022 Season Handbook and discover our programs!


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Classroom Behavior

Student behavior and good class etiquette are an essential part of training. Dancers should display focus, work to the best of their personal ability, and apply corrections while in class. Students must be respectful to each other, themselves, parents and instructors.

Waiting Room Behavior

In order for our classes to have the best learning environment possible, please keep waiting room guests to a minimum. Older students may be dropped-off and picked-up. We ask that siblings and extra family members strictly follow the rules below. Students and guests who do not follow these rules will lose waiting room privileges. 

1.) So that our students can stay focused on learning: no running, yelling, or rowdy play.

2.) Leave no trace: return all items to their appropriate places, all trash to the trash cans, keep personal items stowed away in a dance bag under your chair or in a cubby hole, leave walkways open, and take all belongings with you. 

3.) Viewing windows are for observation only: please do not distract or interact with children during class. This allows them to fully connect with the instructor. 

4.) Parents may do drop-off and pick-up. Please walk young children to their classroom. Older students may be dropped off and picked up at the door. Parents may also stay and wait in our waiting rooms.

Attendance and Tardiness


Good attendance is crucial for a student to develop good class taking habits and master the skills being taught in their class. When students are in class frequently they remain interested in class material and are secure in their personal knowledge and ability. 

If a student's absences becomes chronic (multiple absences each month), and they are underprepared for the recital they may be asked to withhold from the recital performance.


Students should arrive approximately 5-10 minutes early to class. This gives them time to change their shoes, use the restroom, and line up at the door before class begins. This also ensures the class starts on time. 

Late students should enter class as quietly and courteously as possible in order to not disrupt the class in progress. 

If tardiness becomes a frequent occurrence, we can schedule an alternative class that meets your family schedule needs.

Student Conduct Policy

  • Enter class without accompaniment of a parent (excluding Tippi-Toes)

  • Remain in the studio for the duration of the class 

  • Follow all conduct rules listed below 

    • Quiet Voices

      • Active listening: no talking and make good eye contact when the teacher is speaking 

      • Raise hand to ask questions 

      • Inside voices only: no yelling in the waiting rooms or studios 

    • Keep Hands to Yourself 

      • Students may not touch other students during class unless requested to do so by the instructor for partner work or choreography. For example, holding hands to gallop across the floor. 

    • Follow Directions 

      • Students must stay in their designated spots

      • Hold formations 

      • Take turns 

      • Stay focused on class material

  • Phase 1: 

    • Students will be given reminders to have good class conduct.

  • Phase 2: 

    • If the student does not correct the behavior in class, they will be given a 10 minutes break in the studio or waiting room. Once the student is calm and ready for class they may resume.

  • Phase 3: 

    • Students who do not correct the behavior after class reminders, and a 10 minute break from class will be asked to take a minimum of one month leave from class and resume at a later date. Students who resume must follow all conduct rules. Students may resume only if space in the class is available and open registration is in progress. 

      • Immediate removal from classes: 

        • Students or parents who show aggression or violence toward another person will be dismissed from the studio immediately.

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