Thanksgiving Weekend, 2020

Secrest Auditorium (Zanesville, OH)

Every Thanksgiving weekend, students participate in a holiday tradition, The Nutcracker. Our annual performance of The Nutcracker provides students with the opportunity to perform in an exciting, empowering, and confidence building process. The goal of the production is to expose dance students to a pre-professional level production. Students who participate in The Nutcracker will improve their dance technique, enhance their performance experience, and boost confidence, as well as be part of a supportive community of friends and instructors. Each year, we strive to enhance our costumes, props, and set design to bring the performances to life, as well as contract professional guest artists to provide a connection into the professional world of dance.


All students at Movement on Main have the opportunity to shine in our production based recital! This is a unique opportunity for our students to participate in a pre-professional level show. This themed show  allows each class to play a character to help continue the storyline of the show, while showcasing all that the students have learned in their year of dance class!


Company dancers in Level 2 and up participate in our annual summer intensive. This exciting event brings in professional dancers from mid-west to share their love of dance and wealth of knowledge with our students. The Summer Intensive concludes with a showcase performance including classical repertoire, contemporary, and broadway styles pieces.


YAGP is a prestigious international Ballet Competition. Its purpose is to provide a global network for dancers, it is also the largest ballet scholarship provider in the world. Dancers are chosen by their teachers to dance in the ensemble category when the teacher feels that they are prepared to handle the demanding choreography and intensive master classes with some of the world’s most elite Ballet and Contemporary Instructors. Soloists are chosen by the teacher when they feel that a student has sufficient technical skill to execute a demanding ballet variation. Movement on Main Ensemble groups have placed in the top 12, and soloist Grace McCutcheon received acceptance to University of North Carolina School of the Arts Ballet Summer Intensive!


Our company dancers can often be seen in the local performance of Zaney Follies to help raise money for Hospice. It is our pleasure to participate in local events, especially when it helps give back to our community!


Our studio carefully selects dance competitions to attend each season, but not for the reasons you might think. While it's wonderful to perform on stage and get feedback from industry professionals, there is even more for our dancers to gain from competitions. Our dancers often achieve high scores and top placements. The trophies and plaques are certainly fun, but we don't go to bring home an award. We go for the experience, the life lessons, and the team building.


It takes a lot of courage and strength to step on stage knowing you are being judged and scored by dance professionals. Yet our dancers bravely grace the stage with talent, class, and style. Our students know that we want them to have fun, enjoy the performance experience and give their personal best. It's not about comparing themselves to other dancers, as Mikhail Baryshnikov said, “I do not try to dance better than anyone else. I only try to dance better than myself.” At the end of the day, they have already won by simply taking on the challenge to be better than they were the day before.


Scoring is an inherent part of competition and can be exciting or devastating depending on your perspective. While we encourage our students to give a phenomenal performance, we don't want them feeling discouraged should they not achieve a triple platinum, titanium, or other precious metal score. We guide our students to view their scores as the opinion of judges who are providing feedback in order to help them improve. If the score is high, wonderful. Keep striving. If the score is less than they hoped for, wonderful. Keep striving. Either way, we can always work hard and improve. This life lesson applies way beyond their dance career and will serve them well in life as they learn from their setbacks and successes.


Another component to competition is team building. Our dancers learn what it means to be part of a team and a studio that supports one another. With encouragement, friendships, and strong community, our students learn how to build each other up.


As teachers we are filled with pride for our kids, I mean, students as they perform. We don't just see a routine. We see how far these dancers have come, from their first dance class to the performer they are today, and everything that lays ahead of them. We see friendships established and lasting memories being made. Competition is a chance to bring out the best in our dancers both on and off the stage. 


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