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6 Valuable Skills I Learned from Dance and Gymnastics

I trained in gymnastics but did not become an Olympic gymnast. I trained in ballet but did not join a company. But what I did gain were the life skills to turn my passions, into a plan, to create a life I love. 

What are the life skills dance and gymnastics have taught me? 

Courage: to take the risk and carve a path that represents my passion and values. 

Resilience: learning that setbacks and challenges do not define us. They are opportunities for growth and improvement if we allow them to be. 

Perseverance: it’s a marathon not a sprint. Slow and steady wins the race. Success comes from long term commitment and not immediate gratification. The more time, energy, and effort we put in, the greater the reward. 

Confidence: this comes from not a multitude of wins but learning that we can face and navigate a challenge and that gives us the true confidence to believe in ourselves and keep moving forward. 

Teamwork: we accomplish more together. Being part of a supportive group who works together inspires us to give our best and celebrate others. 

Pride: Setting a goal, overcoming obstacles, finding creative solutions, and coming out on the other side with pride in your effort and results - that drives motivation and enthusiasm to continue. 

I owe a thank you to my parents for investing in me and allowing my activities to become more than just a hobby. 

What do you want for your child? 

If I had to sum it up, I want my children to not let fear hold them back from who they truly are and everything they are capable of accomplishing. 

Investing in a program your child loves and that you believe in can set them up with the life lessons to grow into happy, healthy, fulfilled adults. Whether it’s piano, soccer, ballet, gymnastics, chess club, or swim team the life lessons for success are there when we embrace them! 



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