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The Sassy and Sweet Child

Is your child happy-go lucky one moment and giving you major sass the next? No worries, you’re not alone! 

  • Sometimes Josie squeals with joy when I say it’s time for dance class, but sometimes she would rather stay home playing Minecraft. 😩

  • Sometimes she even does her own ballet bun, but sometimes she pulls out the beautiful bun I made during class. 🤦‍♀️

  • Sometimes she is laser focused in class, but sometimes she rolls on the floor.  🤪

  • Sometimes she complains, but more often than not, she can’t wait to see her friends. 😍

In her first recital as a 3 year old, she was the cutest little penguin and made by heart melt, but REFUSED to go on stage for the recital even after taking classes all year. 

BUT, the past two years she has loved it. Now she says, “Remember when I was scared to go to class” or “Remember when I was scared to go on stage.” We love to see our dancers transform from year to year by gaining new skills and new levels of confidence. 

As parents we have the opportunity to encourage and support our children in beautiful ways. They may not always want to go to school, practice an instrument, try something new, finish a project, or finish a season. BUT, if they are happier after practicing, and show pride in their accomplishments, keep encouraging and supporting them through it. 

Parents, we see you behind the scenes, standing beside your dancer. There is nothing more satisfying than perseverance that brings joy!

If you are looking for an outlet for exercise, friendship, and expression for your child, and a place where they can be themselves, you can learn more about our dance programs here:



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